Camp Out 2018!!


  • July 2-4, 2018

  • Drop-off between 7:30-10 am on Monday, 7/2. Pick-up between 2-3 pm on Wednesday, July 4. 

  • We will be camping at Inks Lake State Park 

  • Available to children ages 8-12

  • VERY low adult to child ratios & CPR/First Aid/Water Safety certified staff!

  •  Lots of fun activities such as: swimming, hiking, canoeing, cooking, storytelling, skits, games, a local excursion, exploring, AND MORE! 

  • Cost: $350. This includes 24/7 care, park fees, meals, transportation, excursion, and s'mores. LOTS of s'mores!

  • Parents send: clothing, bedding, flashlights, swim gear, etc. We will be recruiting families to contribute gear and equipment!


Because taking kids overnight is fairly new to us, and in the interest of safety (and our sanity), we must be somewhat selective of who may participate. Each family is required to APPLY for participation in this session. YOUR CHILD MUST HAVE ATTENDED SPILLED MILK PRIOR TO YOUR ENROLLMENT IN THIS SESSION BEING APPROVED. If you are a new (to smsc) family, we will ask you to enroll your child in one of the Spring 2018 Fun Days before we confirm your child's eligibility to attend OPERATION: Vacation! 

Some factors that we will be taking into consideration when selecting participants for this session:

  • Has your child been to spilled milk before or do you intend to enroll them in a Fun Day?

  • Do you believe that your child will be fine spending 2 nights away from home? (Of course, we understand that children will miss their parents/home while with us. We will do our best to accommodate to each child's needs. But imagine comforting 40 sad children who are homesick before bed...)

  • If your child has attended smsc in the past, have we had ongoing behavior challenges wherein smsc staff have had to contact you or seek out advice in managing said behaviors? Answering yes to this question won't necessarily exclude your child from participation. Please understand that we strive to provide an equally exceptional experience for ALL children, and the more honest and objective information regarding your child's behavior patterns that you can provide us, the better prepared we can be to serve them. 

Fill our an application by clicking below! Please understand that the following application DOES NOT ensure your child a spot in OPERATION: Vacation! We will confirm enrollment via email or phone on a rolling basis until the session is full. 

For questions, concerns, or more information email or call us at or (512) 317-6408/(512) 524-1104. Thanks!