Summer Camp 2018!!

Beginning FEBRUARY 14, 2018 at 12 p (noon!), you can register for camp here on our website! 

*For ALL TWO-WEEK SESSIONS: Signing up for both weeks is required, in order for your child to get the full experience and participate in the camp. This includes DETERMINATION, PRESENTATION, AND ROCK 'N ROLL NATION! Thank you for your understanding.

OPERATION: salivation! (June 4-8)

Back by popular demand, we’re going to spend the whole first week of summer playing with FOOD! Using a staff-curated menu centered around Asian cuisines, campers in both age groups will sharpen their chef skills (while getting a little messy, because… well, kids.) Each day, your child will get to make and taste a different dish, (we’ll learn about and work with food from Japan, Korea, India, Thailand  and MORE!) Maybe they’ll even bring a thing or two home to share with you… if you’re lucky...

OPERATION: recreation! (June 11-15)

There’s no better way to represent the shift from school days to summer... LET’S PLAY!! This week, we’ll get creative with all kinds of gaming. We’ll learn about and play games from all around the world, and we’ll make up new ones too. Campers will have the opportunity to create their own customized board/card games to take home. On Friday, the Gallons will host a CARDBOARD ARCADE for the Pints to visit.

OPERATION: determination! (TWO WEEKS: June 18-22 & 25-29)

GALLONS - In keeping with spilled milk tradition, we will come together in teams representing various nations to compete in the 6th annual smsc Summer Olympics! While there will be opportunities to demonstrate athletic prowess, our “Creative Olympics” also offer campers a chance to shine in ALL KINDS of competitions. From bubble gum blowing and domino falls to egg drops and cannonballs, your Olympian will be sure to have a blast!

PINTS - Our younger campers will be the host country of the Summer Games. They will perform in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and while they spend time learning all about their country, they’ll create a series of cultural experiences for the Olympic teams to visit and enjoy.

GALLONS ONLY - OPERATION: Vacation! (July 2-4)  

Join us for our 2nd Annual smsc CAMPOUT! After we had SUCH A BLAST last year, we’ve decided to do it again: A 3-day, 2-night camp out for kids! We’ll be travelling to nearby Inks Lake State Park to enjoy 3 days of hiking, swimming, canoeing, and more! Campers will even have the opportunity to explore the park as Junior Rangers, a fun and educational program offered by Texas State Parks!

*This session is exclusive to Gallons-aged campers (rising 3rd graders-12 year olds). There will be no spilled milk camp for Pints this week! The registration process for this session is separate from regular registration. Get more information and submit an application for your child to attend the campout HERE!

PINTS ONLY - OPERATION: Beautification! (July 9-13) 

We can agree that with all the ugly that’s being spread around these days, the world could use a bit more beauty, eh? During this session, our Pints will learn about and create beautiful works of art! Tiny terrariums, bird feeders, mosaic art and more… let’s get to making!

GALLONS ONLY - OPERATION: Improvisation! (July 9-13)     

Under the direction and guidance of Erin Fleming (spilled milk staff/director/writer/champion of breakfasts), the Gallons will learn and practice the basic skills used in improvisational comedy. The week will cap off with an optional performance that parents are invited to attend in order for the Gallons to show off some of the fun games and exercises they’ve learned all week!

*We will have other crafty options during project time for the non-performers, so there will be something for EVERYONE. Join us!

OPERATION: Presentation! (TWO WEEKS: July 16-20 & 23-27)

In this very special two-week session, spilled milk will produce the musical stage play, Adam and the Bull Shark (the children’s book/album/after-school special/breakfast cereal written by smsc director, Stella Maxwell!) This will be the third time we’ve put on this magnificent production and you DO NOT want to miss out! Performances will take place on Friday, July 27th (venue TBA soon… stay tuned!) Start telling your friends now and get ready for an awesome production!

GALLONS - Your kiddos will have an opportunity to take part in acting, singing, and/or dancing- hooray! No previous performance experience is necessary, but we expect that the majority of Gallons will be in the show. There will be a small handful of spots available for “crew” members, who will help make props, paint sets, etc.  

*The Gallons’ registration process for this session is separate from regular registration. Get all necessary information and submit an application for your child to attend OPERATION: Presentation HERE!

PINTS - While the Gallons take on most of the principal character roles, the Pints will have a small role in the performance as well! During the two-week session, this group will practice their part in the show along with taking part in some very special show-themed activities! *PLEASE NOTE: All Pints will be required to provide their own costume on the first day of this session (July 16th): blue jeans and a red tee shirt. 

*The Pints’ registration process for this session will be the same as all other sessions, on February 14th.

OPERATION: Rock ‘N Roll Nation! (TWO WEEKS: July 30-Aug 3 & Aug 6-10)

This is one of the most popular sessions we do every summer, and there’s just not enough room on this page to give all the reasons why! Rock N Roll Nation 2017 will be just as fantastic as years past, with our campers learning the art of music recording. Led by our friend and producer/engineer Dave along with director Stella, the Pints will record their own updated versions of traditional songs that they’ll choose in groups while the the older campers write and record original songs. Each “band” will design a logo to make tee shirts and buttons for adoring fans (and YES, parents can get their own shirts, too!) On Friday, we’ll have a party, at which we’ll listen to our recorded tunes and sing karaoke… Bring your earplugs, ‘cause our amps go to ELEVEN!

OPERATION: Managed expectations! (drop in days: Aug 13, 14, 15 & 16)

Because there’s so much “back to school” preparation happening for both families AND smsc staff/directors, we’re offering four separate (you are allowed to sign up for individual days!) Fun Days for Monday- Thursday of this week. (*We will be closed on Friday, August 17th.) We’ll still offer fun crafts, games, and outings every day, but the schedule will be much more relaxed than other sessions occurring earlier in the summer. This way, there will be flexibility while we all wrap our heads around school starting (womp womp). The cost for each day of this week will be $75 per child. 


Registration opens at 12 noon on Valentine's Day (February 14th). Use the schedule above to make plans so you're ready when it's time to register! Make sure you read ALL sections linked below so that you have all the information you could ever want about summer camp. If you have questions/concerns beyond what's covered here, email Ali and Stella:


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