Summer Camp General Info & Fees

If you read our “Who we are…” section, you maybe be wondering how all this creative hullabaloo manifests in a summer camp setting?

Each week of summer has a theme, or an "Operation," around which we build that week’s projects, activities, and field trips. These activities vary in the level of difficulty and involvement they require, and as such they appeal to a wide variety of age groups and interests. Because we understand that kiddos need time to engage in some self-directed play, when we aren’t working on a whole group or small group project, or on a field trip, we provide opportunities for campers to choose how to spend their time. Between board games, dramatic play, Legos, outdoor play, and arts and crafts, there is never a shortage of fun at spilled milk social club. 

Age Groups:  Campers are divided into two groups, "Gallons" (rising 3rd graders-12 year olds) and "Pints", (5 year olds to rising 2nd graders) for most of the day. Both groups will enjoy many of the same activities and field trips, but at different times during the week. (Don't worry... you'll get to see a weekly schedule, so be on the lookout, as it's your key to a stress-free week!) Some of the projects and field trips may be modified according to age appropriateness, FYI.

The logistics:

  • Our Location: 3310 Red River Street (For occasional special events, we may ask you to drop off/pick up from an alternate location) 

  • Hours: M-Th 7:30 am - 6 pm; Friday 7:30 am - 5 pm (Staff Development happens every Friday from 5pm - 6pm)

  • Drop off any time between 7:30 and 9:30a each day... Pick up any time between 3:30 and 6:00p!

  • Ages: 5-12 years

  • 13:1 kid to staff ratio

  • ALL staff are First Aid/CPR and Basic Water Safety trained

  • DAILY field trips (swimming, park, bowling, skating, and MORE!)

EVERYDAY you (the parents) send:

• Lunch and snacks – we ask that you send enough food for your child throughout the day
• Swimsuit AND towel
• WATER BOTTLE – Texas summers require extreme diligence to maintain hydration. This is MUCH easier if each kid has their own water bottle.

Check out a sample schedule from last year!

Tuition and Fees:

Registration –   $85/child

               *This is a one-time, non-refundable deposit for the whole summer. It includes a camp t-shirt! IF YOU MAKE NO CHANGES TO YOUR CHILD’S SUMMER SCHEDULE AFTER SUBMITTING YOUR CONFIRMATION FORM, YOU WILL RECEIVE A PARTIAL REFUND OF $50 APPLIED TO YOUR FINAL MONTH’S TUTION!

Tuition –   $325/week

               *We have a limited number of work-trade opportunities available. See below.

Late Pick Up- $1 per minute! (Due when you pick up your child on the day of!)

Insufficient Food- $5 per occurrence (Read our FAQs to find out more)


All changes to your reserved summer camp schedule must be made by the Meet & Greet deadline. Each family will only be permitted to drop two weeks per child. You will be held responsible for any weeks you change or drop after the deadline, unless we can quickly find a family to take your spot. Due to the very intensive nature of our summer programming, the directors of the program will count on all families on the waiting list to communicate with us if/when they're no longer interested in summer weeks, to help streamline our process. After our Meet & Greet, we will reach out to all waiting list families to confirm their spots on the list, in an effort to have an accurate count of who is still interested in camp. We will still be in charge of reaching out to families on the waiting list, via email. In the case of trying to fill spots, we'll wait 24 hours to hear back from anyone we've offered a spot to.


In an effort to help families who need reduced tuition, we are happy to offer a work-trade agreement. During the summer, we need help with cleaning our building and other random tasks. We will offer a $75 per-week discount in exchange for 2.5 hours of cleaning (typically on Wednesday evening or Saturday morning, on the week for which the agreement is made). If you have other skills or services that you believe might be relevant to our space and the work we do, feel free to reach out. Work-trade is offered on a first-come, first-served basis for families who truly need it. Interested parties should email Ali and Stella: